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Brutalsleeper 24th May 2014

Joined: 28th Mar 2014
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I thought I'd open a separate thread for the tea drinking, crumpet eaters among us to exchange games. 

Rules are simple. Ask to borrow a game, they'll send it out, you play it and then send it back or to the next person down the chain. Each person is allowed to set their own rules and sending out a game is at their discretion.

If you make a GoogleDrive Spreadsheet I'll include it in this post with whatever rules you want detailed.

BrutalSleeper's List 

I won't loan out to people I haven't played with in the past. Will give preference to members known to frequently loan out games.

"I maybe an a-hole, but I'm not 100% dick"

ShadowsofSatan 25th May 2014

Joined: 10th Apr 2014
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"Beer drinking kebab eaters"
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Forum » Casual Gaming Collective Forums » CGC Discussion
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