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kbeau73 16th Jul 2014

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Has anyone used the Gamefly service for any length of time? If so, please let me know your thoughts on it.

I ask because I've got a HUGE backlog of games and I'm feeling a bit guilty that these games are just sitting around collecting dust. I was thinking about turning in all but like 20 of my games and subscribing to Gamefly. That way when I rent a game, I will want to focus on it to complete it as soon as possible so I can get another game. I just don't know their availability of older games. I used them maybe for a month years and years ago. The biggest thing that disappointed me was that the games I wanted were never in stock. With that said, I should state that I was normally looking for the latest releases. I'd hate to turn them all in and then not be able to get them again from Gamefly.

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Forum » Casual Gaming Collective Forums » CGC Discussion
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