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Colin Cbas 8th Apr 2016

Joined: 6th Apr 2016
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Hi Everyone,
I saw that a few other people had introduced themselves so I thought I would and tell everyone a bit about myself. I'm 32, married and live in Ontario. I found a link to this in a couple of forums on True Achievements where I've been a member for a couple years now and thought I would check it out. I'm a pretty big gamer and play quite a variety of different games. I really like team based FPS games like rainbow six and gears of war (Horde Mode) and also like trying to beat games on the hardest difficulty. I'm by no means the greatest player but if anyone else likes to get these kind of achievements add me as a friend and we can see what games we have in common and set something up. It varies what time I'm on as sometimes it can be limited but if we set something up in advance it's a little easier. I have around 150 games for 360 and one so if there's anything you're interested in feel free to ask if you like as well. I'll try and update my list of games so everyone can see exactly what I have to make things easier in the near future. I do have a mic and use it which seems pretty uncommon these days in the world of xbox live and am a pretty laid back person. Look forward to some gaming sessions with all of you in the future.
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kbeau73 8th Apr 2016

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Quickly looking at your gamer tag on TA it seems like we've got some games in common for sure.

Army of Two: 40th Day is one I'm really interested in. Not sure if you've completed the Extraction mode but I believe 3 others need the achievement as well if you are interested.
Battlefield 3
Battlefield Bad Company 2
GoW (all of them)
Gotham City Imposters
Halo 3
Halo 3 ODST
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
Rage (yay!)
Res Evil: ORC
Read Dead Redemption
SW: Battlefront
Titanfall (360 or Xbox One?)

These were the ones that I noticed right from your list. We also have a link on the lower left hand side of a "Boost List" although I'm not really sure anyone really checks it anymore.

Do you have any games that aren't on your Gamer Tag on TA? Personally I have probably another 50-100 games I haven't even started.

At the end of this day, one shall stand... one shall fall! -Optimus Prime

Colin Cbas 8th Apr 2016

Joined: 6th Apr 2016
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I have a few that aren't on my list, I picked up a ghost recon 3 pack a year ago that's still in the wrapping, and the rest are the games with gold that I've downloaded but haven't tried at all yet. Titanfall is for One and everything that was released after it that were for both systems would all be for one as well.

Army of two I recently went back to get some achievements so that's pretty fresh. Just campaign though, so I would be willing to try for some multiplayer achievements.

I'm a pretty big Halo fan (Own them all, some even 2 or 3 versions) and if anyone needs help getting any of those achievements I can pretty well run any campaign map blindfolded now.

I'd also definitely be down for some gears horde mode so i'll check out the events that are posted.
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JohnPicklewilly 8th Apr 2016

Joined: 11th May 2015
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Good afternoon,

I'm relatively new to the group.  I've gamed with these folks for a few months now.  It is indeed a good group of folks.  They're always helpful and never judgmental in regards to your playing abilities (or, as in my case, lack of ability).  I'm one of the more senior members of the group.  I'll be 58 in a couple weeks.  I am married and have two kids that are just a couple years older than you.  I live near Cincinnati, OH.

I have 125 games that I've started but have not yet completed.  I have another 114 games I own but have not started playing.  So, needless to say, I have plenty to keep me busy.  I would encourage you to join us on some of our game nights.  It's a good way to get to know folks while knocking some of those achievements out of the way.

I looked at some of the achievements you still need for Gears of War 3.  We're working on some of them you need on Friday evenings.  Feel free to join us.  I also noticed you need the achievement for completing the campaign in four player co-op as well as the collectibles achievements.  I'll be happy to help you with those.  I'm sure we can find a couple more folks on here that would be happy to help as well.

We can help you with some of the achievements you need for Gears of War 2.  We play that on Monday evenings.  Feel free to join us.  We're currently working toward the Annex achievement.  

Aside from our regular game nights, I'm usually on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I'm almost always online sometime over the weekend.  Times on the weekend varies though.  If there is a game you'd like to play, or some achievements you'd like to go after, let me know.  We can get some dates and times setup.

I'd also encourage you to read through some of the blogs that some of us have created (upper left corner of the screen).  That will give you an idea of what some of us are working on.  I look forward to gaming with you soon!
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Colin Cbas 11th Apr 2016

Joined: 6th Apr 2016
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This all sounds great. I took a look at the gears of war 2 event and it's a little late for my timezone. But I will keep an eye out for one's that I can join in the near future.

Edit: Looked up the wrong UTC time, thought it was an hour ahead of me, so it looks like that time works perfect for me.
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techjedi 12th Apr 2016

Joined: 17th Apr 2014
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We frequently talk about going back to work on Halo 3, 4 or Reach ... but very rarely does it happen. A little over a year a go we focused heavily on getting those who wanted it the Legendary campaign completion, and we had talked about going back for the meta-scoring achievements and/or some of the simpler multiplayer stuff (the non-rank ones).

We've also tried to mix things up from time to time by throwing together sessions with the Games with Gold titles, particularly when they've got good multiplayer.

However, we always seem to fallback on our favorite... the Gears of War series... for on-going camaraderie.

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kbeau73 12th Apr 2016

Joined: 26th Mar 2014
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Not only that but there is some talk about our Tuesday session either making a jump to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or Left 4 Dead 2. Basically it's whatever we can get the most participation in.
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At the end of this day, one shall stand... one shall fall! -Optimus Prime

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