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Brutalsleeper 22nd May 2014

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We here at CGC Headquarters felt that a bunch of guys and girls as friendly and helpful as you lot deserve rewarding for the truly awesome stuff you do. So we came up with CGC Creds. CGC Creds are points awarded to members each fortnight '14 Days' by the admin team. At the moment Creds will only serve for kudos and leaderboard position, but any suggestions on how move Creds beyond just a friendly reward system is welcome.

Earning Creds is simple. Just take part in events with other CGC members and be generally awesome like you usually are. A nomination thread is open HERE. All members are welcome to nominate anyone who they feel deserves recognition. Nominations should be for times where the nominee went above and beyond to be helpful, has contributed in any great or interesting way towards the community or for any great feats of great skill with a session with other CGC members. Give as much detail as possible in your nominations and include any proof that you have if possible. This is so we can all marvel at the nominees amazing feats and to make sure the nominee gets the best chance at getting rewarded.  

The admin team would be responsible for allocating Creds based on these nominations. Creds will be awarded along the following guidelines.

1) There is a cap of 30 Creds to be allocated each period.
2) There's is also a 10 Cred cap on each member per period.
3) The Admin team cannot be awarded Creds.

30 Creds Max, would be given every 14 days starting 01/06/14. Creds given on the 1st of June will be given retroactively for any worthy events since the launch of CGC. After that all points must be for events within that period. 

Go nominate other members HERE.
Check how your doing agianst other members HERE

"I maybe an a-hole, but I'm not 100% dick"

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