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Cabela's African Safari or Let's Shoot Some Game
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Brutalsleeper 18th Feb 2015

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A FreakyRO Review

I love the smell of campfire in the morning. The birdsong and call of the wild emanating from all around brings a tear to my eye. I then love loading my 12 gauge and shooting those birds out of the trees they sing from so I can go back to bed. Hunting and camping are for hippies and park rangers. Is it possible to feel the thrill of the hunt from the couch in my living room? Yes it is, kind of, and Cabela's has the answer. 

Enter Cabela's African Safari, one of 35 Cabela's branded video games. In this iteration of Cabela's Let's Go Shooting, you are whisked off to Africa to go on a safari. Go figure. You travel to six countries to hunt a myriad of animals native to those countries. Lions and leopards and lechwes, oh my. And that's pretty much it. You shoot animals. Lots of animals. Animals out of the sky. Animals on land. Animals in water. You even shoot animals from a boat and from the back of a Land Cruiser-type vehicle. If one of these dangerous animals attacks you, activate your adrenaline and kill it in slow motion.

The achievements are pretty easy and most are story related. And by story I mean the campaign. And by campaign I mean the option to travel to the countries and shoot moving things. Let's face it, Cabela's Killing Animals Minding Their Own Business does not really have a story arc. You shoot what the guide tells you to shoot. That's it. If you want to avoid more than one playthrough you must play on expert, and while it's not really difficult, it is really annoying not being able to track the animals using your HUD. I definitely recommend using the TA walkthrough for this one. It gives pretty precise directions for finding the different victims, er, trophies. You'll definitely want to get acquainted with adrenaline mode to kill those pesky alpha hunters that attack on sight. If you kill an animal that you're not hunting, then you get penalized and ultimately miss out on an achievement. But if you kill the attacking animal while adrenaline mode is activated, it's all good. 

Anyway, Cabela's Destroy All Animals is pretty straightforward. I'm sure if you've played one Cabela's game you've played them all. They're kind of like point-and-click adventures. Point gun and click on target's head. Mission Accomplished. Simple gameplay, easy achievements. What more could you ask for? I give Cabela's Click Click Boom 2 out of 7 trophy hunts.


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