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MGS V: Ground Zeroes - Very Short, Equally Sweet
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Brutalsleeper 1st May 2014

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Much can be said about purchasing a retail game, rushing home from the store and trembling as you excitedly fumble the disk into it's drive. While the days where every new game has that effect on me are long gone however, a new Metal Gear still does. Having the credits roll a few hours later does however detract from the experience.

While the game was short, it didn't take much of it before I realised I was correct to be excited. The game looked beautiful. Never has rain pleased as much as it did in the opening cut-scene. Watching the most realistic droplet I've ever seen in a video game wind it's way down a soldiers fatigues and enough lens flare to make J.J Abrams dizzy reminded me of how far games have come from the days where Snake's head looked like it was made of 4 Minecraft blocks. The awesome lighting, physics and detailed graphics don't scale down much from cut-scene to the main game either. The whole experience left me in awe.

The prequel/demo focuses on the Snake formally known as Big Boss, or as I like to call him Papa Snake. Set in the 70's after the events of Peace Walker. And has you set to rescue two VIPs from an American military 'Black Site' in Cuba. While the story is straight forward it does take a lot of understanding of earlier games and hints that The Phantom Pain will continue the tradition of having a story that almost completely confuses with countless double agents and bad guys masquerading as good guys masquerading as bad guys who actually are good guys.

Papa Snake, is in his twilight years but his age hasn't yet slowed him down. Straight away this may set alarm bells ringing with similarities to MGS IV with it's focus shifted away from stealth and towards the action. While the game can be played by charging in guns blazing it does actively discourage this and not once in the main story mission was it forced upon you. And more importantly stealth feels fluid and smooth. The standard alert count down has been removed and replaced with a much more realistic feeling alert and combat phases, enemies in alert know of enemy presence and act different depending on whats going on around them and how close they are to your last known location. The addition of 'Reflex' entering you into slow mo when discovered giving you time to dispatch the problem before they alert others may upset purists but is certainly a welcome addition for those who enjoy the stealth but are not all that good at it.

Variety is lacking in the main level. Go there, take VIP 1 back. Go there, take VIP 2 back. It is injected via the Special Ops and Extra Ops missions. Assassinations and Helicopter raids spice things up as well as a special appearance fron an old friend and a cameo from Mr Metal Gear himself.

While the games size is a worry. It does deliver a very enjoyable experience (Only slightly marred by glitched achievements) and anyone who has enjoyed past MGS games will get their moneys worth in special ops and replay value (a Hardmode perfect run takes more time to get than you could ever put into a Call Of Duty campaign.) And to be honest I'd pay £20 for the cut-scenes alone.

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