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The Smurfs 2 or What the Smurf is Going On?
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FreakyRO 2nd Mar 2015

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If you're a Gen X-er then you probably spent one or two weekends watching Saturday morning cartoons. Centurions, Bionic Six, and M.A.S.K. were all staples on Saturdays in my living room growing up as my parents slept in. I even had a crush on Jem and Rainbow Brite, although I used my sister as an excuse for watching those two. And Saturday morning wasn't complete without the Smurfs (Smurfette may have been a crush also when I was seven). A mere humming of the first few notes of the iconic song is enough to get it stuck in my head for hours. Whether the Smurfs were foiling Gargamel's plans or avoiding Azrael, they were always upbeat and happy. Well, except for Grouchy Smurf. Under Papa Smurf's tutelage and guidance they smurfed on and always smurfed their smurfiest.

The Smurfs 2 is the 17th game that features the little blue creatures (I know, I was shocked as well). It is based on the movie of the same title. I don't know how closely it is based on the movie, but we all know how these things are. All a game has to have are a few shared characters and BAM it's a movie tie-in. I was surprised to see that it is a Ubisoft game. I guess companies need to have some throwaway IPs to line their pockets in between their Assassin's Creeds.

Story wise, the game is very straightforward. Smurfette is kidnapped by Gargamel and his (albino?) Smurf experiments and places a spell on the creatures of the forest so that they are hostile and attack the Smurfs. There's also something with crystals being scattered and portals opening up, but I don't really know. I was listening to podcasts while playing this game and skipping through the cutscenes. Saving Smurfette is really the only thing I got from the smurfing cutscenes.

From simple story to simple gameplay. This game is a platformer á la Super Mario Brothers. You jump over, under, and around different enemies while jumping onto the enemies to free them from Gargamel's spell. Each Smurf has their own power: Papa Smurfs throws Smurf molotovs while Grouchy pouts and stomps his foot. There are six worlds progressing in difficulty (I use "difficulty" lightly) and at the end of each world a boss fight. 

As simple and childish as this game is, it is solidly put together. I actually wouln't mind Ubisoft putting out a decent platformer for adults if it were to be as tightly made as The Smurfs 2. The controls are solid and there are no glitches. The achievements are easy, but require almost two playthroughs to complete. There are coin collectables that are unreachable until after the final boss is defeated. Other achievements include using each Smurfs ability a number of times on one level and completing boss fights without getting hit. All in all an easy, quick game.

I give The Smurfs 2 a bushel and a half of smurfberries. Gotta love those smurfberries. 


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