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Brutalsleeper 18th Feb 2015

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A FreakyRO Review

"[A]n empowering, psychologically astute parable about a child learning that his anger, while sometimes overwhelming and scary, can be safely expressed and eventually conquered." - Bruce Handy, N.Y. Times

"[T]he book wasn't any good." - Bruce's son Isaac

I remember the book Where the Wild Things Are being read to me in elementary school (primary school for those not in America) and being underwhelmed. It wasn't Indian in the Cupboard or Chocolate Fever - two books I fervently read multiple times - but maybe I was just too young to understand the angst-ridden Max. I figured that maybe I would understand Max by playing the game. Inspired by the movie. Inspired by the book.


I still don't know why Max is upset. I'll just talk about the game in all its non-glory.

The game starts with Max arriving on a mysterious island via sailboat. He notices Bull, one of the Wild Things, and starts to follow him inland collecting fallen stars and other mementos along the way. Bull eventually leads Max to a village of Wild Things and Max meets the clan in full. There he is threatened to be eaten by several of the Wild Things and ... other things happen ... something about the moon ... okay, I'm gonna be honest. The plot of the game is very dull and boring. It is very obviously catered toward young children and if you really want to know what it is about go  here. I'm just going to tell you about the achievements.

This game is an easy completion, but has many annoying collectibles. You have fallen stars, skulls, owl eggs, model houses, turtles, geodes, seeds, and honeycombs. Each one has an unlockable cheat once you collect them all, but trust me, the only worthwhile one is the cheat that allows you to see where other collectibles are hiding, and by the time you get that you will already have found 90% of them. Other than the collectibles there are a handful of your common achievement types - beat the game on hard, pass a level without getting hit, etc. - and a dedicated gamer could conceivably 100% it in five to six hours, but those are hours you could spend time doing something more productive. Like reading Indian In the Cupboard.

I give WTWTA two fallen stars out of 95. One for ease of completion and another for nostalgia. After it's completed banish this game to Nowhere where it belongs.


"I maybe an a-hole, but I'm not 100% dick"

Forum » Casual Gaming Collective Forums » CGC Game Reviews
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