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New Events - Changes to sessions
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kbeau73 3rd Nov 2015

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There have been some changes made in the boosting sessions that the admins and I felt were necessary to invoke more participation and keep this site a bit more active. The whole idea of this "collective" is to create bonds and have gaming partners. We've decided to mix up the sessions a bit and you'll be able to realize this one you look at the events page. I'll give a brief summary of the changes...

  • Gears of War Suicide boosting was a weekly event but due to sessions being cancelled and interest dwindling we've decided to make it an every other week occurrence. I will post these sessions on TA and members of CGC will have first dibs on any spots for 3 days from that posting. After that period I will accept anyone who applies on TA,
  • Gears of War 3 Campaign will be alternating with Gears of War on Friday nights. We've started doing a 4 player campaign in the past and dependent on the number of participants we'll either start this up again or work on Horde Mode or some MP. I will NOT be posting these on TA.
  • Gears of War 2 will be taking over on Monday nights. Dependent on the number of players, we will adjust the game modes accordingly. Red Dead Redemption has pretty much run it's course. I will be working with JohnPickleWilly, Mrtnmitchell, Techjedi and anyone else who would like to work on some MP achievements. I will NOT be posting these sessions on TA.
  • Far Cry 2 sessions are going to be added for Tuesday nights. We're going to be working with a small group but by all means if you would like to join, let one of us know.
If there are any questions you can either ask tech or myself. 
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Forum » Casual Gaming Collective Forums » CGC Events
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