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end in sight?
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Ms Dudette 29th Apr 2015

Joined: 20th Apr 2015
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hi. jw....speculations about xbox 360 being phased out:
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have fun

Ms Dudette 29th Apr 2015

Joined: 20th Apr 2015
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I myself hope it never happens. it is inevitable tho.
have heard end of 2015
have heard by end 2016
have heard sometime 2017
have heard "dont know, dont care"

have fun

ShadowsofSatan 29th Apr 2015

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Whilst the numbers sold for next gen consoles are astounding I do not think this is imminent. Microsoft actually seem quite aware of how pensive people were regarding next gen and do not seem in any rush to put any kind of forced ending to the 360. Games are still coming out so I think it is safe to say 2017 at the very earliest. In honesty I think they will keep it running for as long as they can and milk every last dollar they can get...which they should as it is one of the best!
techjedi 29th Apr 2015

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Yeah, I don't see them phasing out the 360 for quite a while. They probably have to work up an exit strategy for the console anyway, because it's the first platform that truly relied on online services and offerings. It's possible they may just ramp down console production and game publishing, but let the online services linger. It will be akin to the Halo 2 servers from the original Xbox days... people moaned loudly that they were going to shut them down. Now multiply that by about a million due to vast numbers of games with online multiplayer dependent on XBL.

Plus, I think they recognized that Sony was smart when they kept the PS2 cash-cow around forever -- granted, PS2 was older and didn't have an online service.

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kbeau73 29th Apr 2015

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Probably should've put that here but I'm thinking late 2018 would be the earliest they would even consider phasing out the 360 support.

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Forum » Xbox Gaming » Xbox 360 Discussion
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