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kbeau73 29th Sep 2015

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So a small group of us started working on the Outlaws to the End DLC in Red Dead Redemption and we didn't have too many issues with Escape or the Kidnapped Girl but The Herd was causing us some issues. I looked up a video to see if I could figure out an easier way but I'm afraid I didn't have much success. I will post the video though in hopes that someone else might see something I'm not. I did notice them using Dead Eye which I'm sure will help but we'll all have to be doing that to try and take out the bandits quickly. Please feel free to comment if you see anything additional that we could do to make this a bit easier.

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techjedi 29th Sep 2015

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Dead-eye is that function that is on by default in normal mode, right? The one where if there's a bad guy somewhere in your field of vision and within range, you automatically target-lock on their head/torso? I could see that totally helping out with the bandits during the last segment of The Herd. The only other thing I can think of is to just have one person primarily responsible for slowly moving the herd along the road, with the other 3 picking off the bandits utilizing a sort of "zone defense".
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