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Malagizmo 21st Jan 2015

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I have a few questions about what I'm going to be dealing with over the next year (specific to gaming). Brutal, Shadows, etc., maybe you can help me out?

1) How hard is it to get NTSC games over there? Will I have to buy them online and have them shipped internationally?
2) Should I bring a power converter with me or are they easy to find over there? And is it best to just buy a large power strip (I'm thinking a surge protector with multiple outlets or something like that for my Xbox, Xbox1, Wii, and various phone/laptop/tablet chargers)?
3) What types of internet services should I look for? I'm not sure whether my apartment will come with any service or if I'll get the choice; is it common for apartment complexes to offer one service to everyone or do they vary by individual apartment?
4) Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go/Showtime Anytime, etc. Do these work similarly over there for the most part? I know Netflix reads your IP and gives less service options if you are in the UK, but you can mask your IP or VPN in to get the US service. Is there anything else I should be aware of for these services or do you have other services you'd recommend?
5) Do TVs there have the same standard inputs as in the US (HDMI, Component)?

I'm sure I'll have more but this is a start! I'm trying to get everything in order and want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I think it's pretty telling that the only things I'm packing to take over are literally clothes and my xboxes. Nerd alert.
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Brutalsleeper 21st Jan 2015

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1) I've been lead to believe that the Xbox ONE is region free so you should have no issues there. And if you want to keep your NTSC 360 running, there are plenty of NTSC games available on eBay and sites like that but you can never garentee the game you are looking for will be on there. So I imagine you'll have to import any specific games you're looking for.
I've heard importing from Canada is cheaper than from the US.

2) I wouldn't recommend using a power converter with any electronics like a games consoles plugged in. Your best bet would be to purchase new cables. The Xboxes themselves are identical (power input wise) between us/uk it's the bit I affectionately call the 'power brick' on the cable that's the main difference. So if you buy a UK version ( Input AC: 200V-240V ~ 2.5A, 47-63Hz and a 175W output) of that complete cable. You should be ok.

You're biggest issue is Xbox LIVE coconnectivity. As far as I know LIVE on the 360 has a birch fit if you connect to a region other than your home region. There must be a workaround for it But I'm not sure what that is.

3) Virgin Media have hands down the best internet packages in the UK in my opinion. And it favours the upload speed more than most ISPs which is great for gaming. Presuming they have supplied to someone in your building in the past you should be able to get connected without a connection fee as well.

(Ps if you get asked if anyone has referred you to them tell them Ryan sent you. )

4) Netflix works well and like you say you can mask your up to unlock US content. Their is also plugins for Google chrome which do the same.
I'm not sure about the others but I believe they are not available in the UK. Again, hiding your IP may work.
Most major channels have there own on demand services as well. Most notably BBC iPlayer and 4OD.

5) HDMI is a standard input. And most TVs also feature component. I belelive they are pretty much the same on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sorry, if I'm not quite answering right I'm on my phone.if you have Any other questions feel free to ask away and I'll answer better on my computer later.

Best of luck in your move.

If you ever find yourself in the Midlands remember to drop by. Although if the smell of Birmingham is too offputting for you I'll understand.
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"I maybe an a-hole, but I'm not 100% dick"

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