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Operation: Backlog (April 4th Snow Edition)
kbeau73 4th Apr 2016
Time for another blog but not much new is going on... I did however finish Dark Souls and while it was incredibly tough at times... it was also incredibly easy at other times. Needless to say, this was a nice completion for me. This month brings a new game into my never-ending quest for backlog annihilation.... Rage. Before I go any further... let's update my fab 5...

Far Cry 2 
Unfortunately Mitch and I found out the hard way about the "Warlord" glitch. Apparently we weren't supposed to fill all of the diamond slots for our weapons. He's been working on finishing the story mode and I've been working on losing xp to basically level myself back to 18 because there is still a slight chance we'd be able to obtain the elusive Warlord achievement without having to grind 1.25 million xp. Stay tuned... I think I will be able to get back to level 18 tomorrow night and then I'll begin to pray about the resetting of my diamonds. I'd also like to give a BIG "THANK YOU" to Ms Dudette for helping me get a lot of negative XP. She's a shining example of what makes our group so much fun to play with. Very selfless and always willing to help out.

Gears of War 2 
We worked on some more horde mode and were actually able to knock a couple of achievements off the list. Somehow we got the bright idea to go for the Annex achievement so that is what we'll be working on until everyone gets it. Then we'll probably jump back to horde in an effort to knock off the remaining achievements.

Gears of War 3 
This past Friday night we opted to go with Beast Mode which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately Mitch had to call it an early night but if he's there this week I suggest we knock off the last map for him. Then we'll probably jump into the Beast mode for the other DLC... can't remember the name but it might be Forces of Nature. (then again that might be the one we just did)

This one has been sitting on my list for quite some time. I remember bean diving this one just to put it on my list. It's not a bad game at all and it really reminds me of Borderlands... except a lot less cartoon-y. I initially finished off the campaign on easy last week while I was on vacation and at first I didn't really have any intention of doing the Nightmare playthrough. However, I did and it hasn't been overly difficult except for a couple of areas. I'm about halfway through so I'm going to keep going at it. I'm not sure 100% completion is in the books but I do think I'll be able to get it down to a handful of achievements. I know a couple of you have this game so I'm hoping to work on some of the MP stuff which seems pretty easy to boost but we'd need a total of 4 players.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
This one is fun but not very forgiving. We died a LOT! I think once we got the hang of it we were getting a bit better. I know that personally *I* felt better but the achievements seem like they're going to be a pain. Only time will tell. On the bright side... Greg picked up an achievement for not personally killing ANYONE during a mission! Way to go!!! lol I hope we get back to this one but I'm guessing it won't go into full rotation for a bit.

Some other misc. items... I finished off Hanna Montana which actually wasn't all that bad. However, it wasn't all that good either. It was an easy 1k gamerscore which made it worth the time investment. I also finished off some of the uDraw bundle games and shipped it off to Mitch. I think there was another completion but I can't think of it for the life of me. Until next time friends... keep gaming.
JohnPicklewilly 4th Apr 2016
For the record, it takes a tremendous amount of talent to use so many bullets and not kill anyone. Just doing my part (or not).
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