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Tech Goes Gaming: Frivolity!
techjedi 31st Mar 2016
Since March is coming to a close, I figured it was a good time for an update. As usual, there was much Gears of War to be had. I think the last couple of sessions of Gears 2 and Gears 3 have been particularly fun, as we tended to get away from being all serious and achievement-boosting focused. Sure, we were still actually working toward various achievements, but we really did goof around a lot. With the amount of stress I've been feeling at work, being a bit silly and good-naturedly competitive has been a welcome addition to my week.

April might be a scarce month for me, but for a change it won't be due to work. I probably will be around for most of the Monday night sessions, but Fridays might be a bit hard to come by because of school plays and some much-needed family vacation plans. We shall see...

Xbox 360 Co-Op
* last-gen games for co-op fun... a.k.a "All Gears, All the Time" *
  1. Gears of War 2
    • Achievements: 44 of 50 (+3)
    • Combustible DLC: 1 of 4
    • Dark Corners DLC: 7 of 13
    • Flashback Map Pack DLC: 0 of 4
    • Snowblind Map Pack DLC: 2 of 6 (+1)
    • Goal: Multiplayer achievements! Probably no Seriously 2.0, though.
    • Four more achievements down in the past couple of weeks, with the assistance of the usual crew (Kaboo, Mitch, Johnny Pickle, Sir Spawns-a-Rob, and Dudette). Wrapped up the 'Icy Dead People' Snowblind Horde achievement, and while we played through some Annex matches I methodically finished up the various execution types, some boomshield face-wrecking, and some near-death grenade revenge. There may or may not have also been a continuous series of back-and-forth impromptu killing while boosting Annex, triggered by a sort of accidental chainsawing of me by Kaboo... which I then removed his head with a Gnasher shotgun in return... and thus the chain reaction for the night began. It was fun!
  2. Gears of War 3
    • Achievements: 36 of 50 (+1)
    • Horde Command Pack DLC: 3 of 5 (+3)
    • RAAM's Shadow DLC: 3 of 10 (+3)
    • Fenix Rising DLC: 0 of 7
    • Forces of Nature DLC: 0 of 10
    • Goal: Multiplayer achievements!
    • Earlier in the month, we wrapped up the RAAM's Shadow standard campaign, in 4-player co-op. We're only a handful of chapters away from finishing up the arcade mode run-through as well. Then last week, Dudette joined us on Gears3 night and we opted to knock out some Horde stuff in the RAAM and Horde Command DLC packs. Also, for some strange reason, I was missing waves 11-20 of Horde for the 50 wave achievement, and so was Greg (Johnny Pickle)... so the group kindly dove in and we ground out those 10 levels (with the Big Head mutator enabled), and poured all the money on Dudette so she could finish up some stuff that required a fully kitted out Silverback. Good times...

Xbox One Playlist
* gaming in glorious high definition... once the system update completes *
  1. Hand of Fate
    • Achievements obtained: 2 of 33
    • I had a Saturday afternoon to myself for a change, so after taking care of a few household tasks, I hopped on my Xbox One and decided to give something new a spin. I had seen coverage of HoF a while back when it first released and the concept intrigued me. I find that it's an interesting game, sort of crossing a combat RPG with a deck-building card game, with a dash of the mysticism of Tarot cards. I don't think I'll ever shoot for full completion of the game, but it was relaxing and relatively slow-paced. I was a little bummed that there's no multiplayer mode of any sort, but playing the game I don't really see how that would work anyway... unless they offered some sort of co-op mode.

-- Tech
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