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Greg’s Gaming Digest: Unobtainable Goals?
JohnPicklewilly 7th Apr 2016
There are a few things that I'm going to try and focus on in the months to come.  Two numbers that I watch closely are my TrueAchievement Ratio and my completion percentage:

My current TrueAchievement Ratio is 1.63.  This number reflects the average difficulty of the achievements earned.  My current completion percentage is 37.94%.  It was 67% before I played the Master Chief Collection and did a bean dive last year.  I will try to raise this number by finishing some of the many games I've started and haven't completed.  Here's a summary of the games I've started but haven't completed:

The other number I'm going to be watching closely is the number of my backlogged games.  I simply MUST stop buying games thinking I'll get around to playing them eventually.  I will be in my seventies before I finish the games I currently have backlogged.  Here is a summary of my backlogged games:

Here are the achievements I'm going to be working on in the near future:

Here's a summary of my activity for March 2016:

kbeau73 7th Apr 2016
Wait a second here... how did you get the Grand Warlord achievement before the Mercenary one? ;) Seriously though, I like this format and it's good to have very obtainable goals. My short term goal is to reach 50% completion which I'm not really that far off now. I would like to check out my games to see what my gamerscore would be if I was at 100% or close to it. I too share your pain, I must stop buying games that I will probably not play for a very long time. The last time I went out and picked up a couple of games just because they were cheap. Ideally I'll be spending a bunch of my non co-op time trying to catch up on some of these games. My first victim is Rage.
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