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CGC Creds June 1st
Brutalsleeper 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Jun 2014
Ok. The first nomination period for CGC Creds is over. And the decision is made on who receives the first of our highly sought after Creds.

A total of 16 Creds will be given out for this period.

Welsh Dr4gon gets 6 Creds. 
He was looking through my games list noticed I had many missing achievements on Minecraft and immediately set off creating a specialized achievement world just for me. He has also been a key member in other sessions and more recently reached the final of our Civ Rev championship.

FreakyRO gets 4 Creds. 
Freaky on his first few days of joining our forums, before we'd even spoke or played a single session took the time to help me get two achievements in A World of Keflings. This act of gaming kindness is what the CGC is all about and is what prompted the creation of the Creds system. As well as this, he quickly became a key member of our GoW kill boosting sessions and has helped out other members with other games like Doritos Crash Course.

ShadowsOfSatan gets 3 Creds.
Shadows as been a key member on the site right from the beginning. The shear volume of the sessions he has help with is staggering. Including GoW 1 & 3, Dungeon Defenders, Terraria and so much more.

Malagizmo gets 3 Creds.
In another act of selfless kindness Malagizmo has helped out in what I would describe as the single most boring DLC known to man, with Borderlands' Mad Moxxi's Underdome after already having the achievements. (Despite the session being less than successful). He has also helped out with GoW, Dungeon Defenders and others. 

Nominations our now open for anything Credworthy between the 1st and 14th of June. Winners will be announced on the 15th Of June.

10th Jul 2014 sider inc
Busy with a few things and projects so not much room for gaming the last couple of weeks but ill be back :)
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1st Jun 2014 Brutalsleeper
Congrats guys. :D
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