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Update Roundup: September Edition
techjedi 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Sep 2014
Hello CGC, Tech (Jamie) here with some news and announcements about some changes that are happening behind the scenes and coming to site very soon. Strap in and hold on, things could get a bit bumpy!

The Blogs Are Coming!
As you are probably quite aware already, a few of us have endeavored to dive headlong into some more formalized blogging. As a result, the Admin team discussed a bit the directions for said blogs. In short, we'd like to see some regular features for the blogs and not have them simply be a place for posting updates about game boosting lists. While the appearance of a list is not a bad thing, we thought that having some articles of substance or a recurring theme or series of posts would be a good thing. So, if you were planning on blogging or would like to blog, just let Ryan, Kevin, or I know what you're planning to focus on, what the title is or will be, and we'll add it to the drop-down menu.

Speaking of which, the main blog link on the menu bar still functions like it did before, but with some added functionality as well. If you click on the blog link itself, you will be taken to an aggregated and chronological listing of all blog posts from all members. Once your blog has been configured in the drop-down list, then clicking a specific user's blog will show you only the blog posts from that person.

Hope to hear from more of you about spinning up a blog!

It cleans the forums, or it gets the hose again...
While the Admin team was on the topic of fixing up the blogs, we also discussed the situation with the forums. After looking through them all, we realized that perhaps we have gone a bit overboard with the sheer number of categories and sub-categories. As such, we've come upon a better solution and will be streamlining everything with the intent of making it easier for everyone. Essentially, we'll have 3 main forums: CGC, Xbox, and Miscellaneous. Under each of those main forums we'll be eliminating or consolidating the sub-categories. For example, the discussions are few and far between across the Sports, Movies, TV, and Music categories, and so they will simply be rolled into the new Miscellaneous/General Discussion category.

Forums can be a tricky thing to organize, and ultimately at this point we feel it would be better to avoid complexity and confusion. Besides, if we lay a more flexible groundwork now, it will make it easier to expand down the road if necessary.

All the news that's fit to print, and perhaps some that isn't...
Lastly, we're hoping to make better use of some news-like features of the site. First and foremost, as we've done sporadically here, the CGC News (a.k.a. Site News) will continue to be the place where the Admin team provides insight into features, functions, quirks, bugs, and anything having to do with our beloved CGC website. Second, we'll be looking to make further use of our Gaming News forum (also linked under the News menu now) for highlighting interesting developments in the gaming world. This will look to be things like linking to the monthly Games with Gold announcements, periodically noting special sales or great deals (though maybe not every weekly Deals with Gold, unless it's really good), or bringing to our attention the release of details about a great new and upcoming game (e.g. Gears of War for Xbox One or something).

In addition to the news, we'd also encourage everyone to think about submitting your own game reviews. We have a Game Reviews forum category which is rather lightly used, to put it mildly. Now, we're not asking that everyone be a wordsmith or journalist, but coherently jotting down your experiences with a recent game with a few pros, cons, and maybe a rating out of 5 stars would be pretty sweet. What I think remains open for discussion would be whether a single topic should be created per game, with others having the opportunity to post their reviews in that same topic thread, or if each reviewer should create a topic. Time and talking shall tell...

And thus concludes the September Edition news update. Let us know how things are working for you, your thoughts on the updates, and any suggestions for the future. In the meantime, game on!

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